What defines a woman's strength? Money, power, family, society? The strength of a woman is not defined by her fearlessness and non existence of her insecurities. Well in fact a strong woman is plagued with the burden of hard decisions, fears, insecurities and much, much more.
A Strong woman doesn’t yet fully know who she is. Sometimes she doubts herself and her decisions. She tries to be many things to many people because she has to be. She has to be a wife or a mom or a daughter or a boss or an employee or a friend. She might even have to be all of these things and more on top of being tough and nurturing. A strong woman is built piece by piece over years of trials and tribulations.  
Join DutchesForever as we honor the courageous woman in our lives. Share the stories of the strong woman you know. It can be your mother, sister, daughter, aunt, neighbor, friend and more. Each month DutchesForever will pick a lucky winner for the Woman, We know Your Power Award. Winner of the month will be chosen from the entries submitted on Instagram at ShopDutchesForever. This courageous woman will receive a gift from DutchesForever as a symbol of honor. Follow ShopDutchesForever and DM your entries today.